• New Style Sanitary Napkin for Heavy Flow

    New Style Sanitary Napkin for Heavy Flow

    1, “peace of mind pants” is a trouser type of sanitary napkins, the name on the market also includes pajamas, night pants and sweet pajamas. 2, many girls in the menstrual period, often be deeply distressed by the problem of sanitary napkins leakage, especially some in the sleep when...
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  • Why Choose Jiangxi Yoho for light incontinence?

    Jiangxi Yoho Technology Co., Ltd, we factory has two product lines for menstrual period pants and adult pull up diaper pants, the menstrual period pants is hotsale in Asia, adult pull up diaper pants can sell many countries, if you have interest for the two product, please contact us.
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  • B Grade Lady Diaper Pants from Jiangxi Yoho Manufacturer

    B Grade Lady diaper pant is disposable sanitary napkin pants type, when girls is 12-18 years old, they will have heavy flow during menstrual period, will try our lady diaper pants, can wear it at whole night without any leakage, Ultra Thin with high absorbency
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  • Up to 52.53 Billion Diaper Market to Grow with Prospects

    A diaper (US and Canadian English) or diaper (Australian English, British English, and Hiberno-English) is an undergarment that, by absorbing or containing waste to prevent soiling, allows the wearer to urinate or defecate without using the outer garment or external environment.When diapers becom...
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  • Adult diapers: Unisex options that you can buy online

    For people ​The elderly are sick in bed for a long time, unable to go to the toilet for a long time due to inconvenience of urination and defecation, the mother has just given birth, the blood is heavy in women, the menstrual blood is heavy in women, the operation under uterine uterine leucorrhea...
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  • How to change a disposable pull up style adult diaper?

    How to change a disposable pull up style adult diaper?

    Grab a new diaper and place it up against the same wall from which you used to remove the old diaper. Make sure it is propped up against the wall, so that the back of the pant is shown to be on top of the front, and so that only the outer plastic isn’t seen. Don’t allow the wearer t...
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