• Incontinence of Urine

    Incontinence of Urine

    Urinary incontinence is a phenomenon of involuntary leakage of urine through the urethra, thus causing trouble in the patient’s life, and this symptom can also be objectively confirmed. Urinary incontinence is not an independent disease. Urinary incontinence is a group of syndromes, which a...
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  • Organic Cotton for Sanitary Napkin Pants Type

    Organic Cotton for Sanitary Napkin Pants Type

    Organic cotton is a kind of pure natural non-polluting cotton. In agricultural production, organic fertilizer, biological control of pests and diseases, and natural farming management are the mainstays. Chemical products are not allowed, and pollution-free during the production and spinning proce...
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  • What is the difference between adult diapers and adult pull-up pants?

    What is the difference between adult diapers and adult pull-up pants?

    1. They are suitable for different people. Adult diapers are more suitable for bedridden patients. For bedridden patients, his (her) movement is inconvenient, so the flexibility of the diaper and the inflexibility of the patient’s body after wearing it are low. It’s more water-absorbing, dr...
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  • Disposable Adult Pull up Diaper Pants–Jiangxi Yoho

    Disposable Adult Pull up Diaper Pants–Jiangxi Yoho

    Adult diapers are disposable urinary incontinence products, one of adult care products, and a disposable diaper mainly suitable for incontinent adults. The main performance of adult diapers is water absorption, which mainly depends on the amount of fluff pulp and polymer water-absorbing agent. Ad...
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  • Adult diapers make the elderly with urinary incontinence no longer burden

    Adult diapers make the elderly with urinary incontinence no longer burden

    With the continuous changes in the structure of our country’s aging population, it has entered an aging society in a full sense. And adult incontinence products have also begun to be recognized by more and more consumers. Adult diapers are essential hygiene products for the elderly with urinary i...
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  • Surface Hot-Wind Non-woven Fabric

    Hot-air non-woven fabric belongs to a kind of hot-air bonding (hot-rolled, hot-air) non-woven fabrics. Hot-air non-woven fabrics are used to penetrate the fiber web by using hot air on the drying equipment to heat it after the fiber is carded. Bond the resulting non-woven fabric. Hot-Wind Non-wov...
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  • What materials are sanitary napkins made of?

    Sanitary napkins are generally composed of three parts: the surface layer, the absorption layer and the bottom layer. The materials and functions of these three parts are mainly considered when selecting them. (1) The surface layer should choose a dry mesh funnel type: the surface layer is dry an...
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  • Don’t abuse sanitary pads

    Compared with sanitary napkins, sanitary pads are more compact and in terms of use, which has led many women to rely on sanitary pads, whether it is before and after menstruation or when there is more vaginal discharge. I usually like to use sanitary pads and think it can effectively replace the ...
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  • Why is it not recommended to use scented or medicated sanitary napkins?

    Many girls like to choose some sanitary napkins with fragrance or medicine during menstruation. They think that this will not only remove the blood and smell, but also just be good for the body. In fact, this is a wrong understanding, and many people have been deceived by advertisements. Facts ha...
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  • How to choose sanitary napkins in daily life

    How to choose sanitary napkins in daily life

    Under normal circumstances, we recommend that women use cotton sanitary napkins that do not contain any fragrance, especially women with allergic constitutions need special attention when choosing sanitary napkins, and replace them during use. The frequency should be more frequent. Especially if ...
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  • sanitary napkin market global end-user demand disposable

    Women need to use sanitary napkins when menstruation comes every month, but many women are not clear about how often to change sanitary napkins is the healthiest issue. In fact, sanitary napkins are very easy to breed various bacteria because they are contaminated with menstrual blood. If they ar...
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  • “Period Action Day” brings anti-tampon tax participants to the Capitol

    On October 9th, participants holding banners and signs gathered outside the Capitol to show their solidarity with the abolition of the tax on menstrual products. Many organizations of different forms and sizes participated in this event. It’s worth noting that Period Equity is a national lawyer o...
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